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Opportunities with Numerate Consultants

Numerate Consultants currently employs two full time weapon systems consultants and two administrative staff with additional technical expertise from a wide variety of weapon system related specialisations available within our database of Associates.

We are always keen to hear from capable and enthusiastic technical consultants with theoretical or applied technical expertise and domain knowledge to expand our team of consultants and Associates. Typical backgrounds include research, development and users from industry, academia, the Civil Service and the Armed Forces.

There are four types of relationship with Numerate Consultants. Which type is best for you will depend on your circumstances. Hyperlinks to further information on each are below:

  • Permanent - for those seeking direct employment
  • Associate - for technical specialists seeking intermittent tasks on a freelance basis (self employed or Ltd Co.)
  • Contract - for those already contracting wishing to register for potential placements
  • Teaming/Partnering - intended for other SMEs and academic organisations

One of the implications of the industry sector that Numerate Consultants operates in is that all applicants must be eligible to work in the UK and must have been resident in the UK continuously over the last five years.

Please note that Numerate Consultants Ltd is not a recruitment agency and does not recruit for its clients.

Permanent Positions

There are no current requirements to increase the number of permanent administrative, support or junior staff.

However we are always seeking technical specialists that will complement our service. If you believe that your specialist technical expertise can add value and make a positive contribution to what our consultancy offers then we are keen to hear from you. As a company we recognise that our major resource is the technical knowledge and experience of our consultants and Associates and would seek further opportunities within industry for applicants with suitable backgrounds. Areas of interest include:

  • Weapons, Warheads, Lethality and Defensive Technologies;
  • Structural and Energetic Materials Technology;
  • Sensors, Guidance and Control, Navigation and Communications Systems;
  • Systems Engineering, Requirements Capture, Product Definition;
  • Software Engineering and Mathematical Modelling Techniques;
  • Electrical, Electronic, Electromechanical and Optical Technologies;

If you feel your technical expertise can contribute then please forward a copy of your c.v. to:

Numerate Consultants is committed to an Equal Opportunities Policy in Employment and will assess applicants for jobs fairly and without regard to race, colour or ethnic origin, sex or marital status, age or disability.


Numerate Consultants welcomes all contacts from potential Associates (Limited company or self employed status) with specialist systems, mathematical, software, engineering or scientific expertise relating to weapon systems or other aspects of the defence or engineering industries. Follow the link to our Associates page for further information or alternatively send an email requesting further details to:


From time to time when our consultants or Associates cannot fulfil commitments we require engineers, mathematicians and scientists on short term placements. Numerate Consultants maintain a small in-house database of contractors with specialist technical backgrounds or expertise gained in the scientific or defence industries. If you wish to register your details please email or send a copy of your c.v. to:


Numerate Consultants is always seeking further opportunities to develop mutually beneficial relationships with SMEs and academic organisations who offer technical expertise that complements ours. Areas of particular interest are Operational Research, Human Factors, Training Needs Analysis, ILS, Security, Safety, electro-mechanical design and manufacturing.

If your company is currently bidding (or has already successfully tendered) as prime for work relating to weapon systems or defence related engineering and are intending to subcontract a portion of the technical work and related risk then please contact Russ Taylor for a confidential discussion of your requirements.

Bounties and Commissions paid

There are means by which Numerate Consultants Ltd rewards you for introductions:

Bounty for introducing a colleague

If you introduce a colleague to Numerate Consultants who we subsequently accept as an associate we will pay you a bounty on successful completion of their first assignment for Numerate Consultants. The bounty offered is 5% of the value of the first assignment (excluding VAT) up to a maximum of £200.

Commission for introducing new business opportunities

It is our policy that anyone alerting Numerate Consultants to new business opportunities will receive a commission payment based on completion of the first successful contract placed as a result. Please feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion.

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