Applying to become an Associate of Numerate Consultants Ltd


Numerate Consultants maintains a database of consultants associated with our company. These are technically qualified individuals considered Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that have passed our internal Associate vetting process. Typically they already work as independent consultants either on a self employed basis or through their own or umbrella limited companies.

Our Associates provide a valuable service in that they complement the skills of our staff by providing recognised technical expertise in narrow areas that are not required by Numerate Consultants on a full time basis. They enable us to bid against larger organisations by extending our range of technical capabilities. Associates tend to be approached at the tender stage and then used on defined tasks within a contract after award.

Applying to become an Associate of Numerate Consultants Ltd

When a particular technical expertise is not available within Numerate Consultants we contact Associates from our database to confirm their relevance and determine their interest and availability. Generally this will be at the start of the bid process for new work but may be during the project cycle when further requirements for SMEs are identified.

To commence vetting for Associate status we require the following:

  • A recent CV;
  • Copy of Membership of Professional Institutes and Organisations
  • Two technical references with contact details;
  • Character /personal reference with contact details;
  • Proof of identity: Copy of photo ID i.e. Passport or Driving Licence;
  • Proof of address: Copy of a utility bill.
  • If you supply services through a limited company a copy of its 'Certificate of Incorporation'
  • If you supply your services as a sole trader proof of self employed status
  • If VAT registered a copy of your 'Certificate of Registration for VAT'

Acceptance as an Associate of Numerate Consultants is confirmed in writing after satisfactory completion of the vetting process. See our Associates FAQs page for further information and answers to frequently asked questions regarding Associate status with Numerate Consultants.

We only use the names and CVs of staff or Associates in tenders and proposals and then only with their knowledge and consent.

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