Useful Links

The following hyperlinks are to websites categories that we have found useful to our business

  • Business information and advice sources to public bodies, organisations ;
  • Defence : public bodies, commercial defence companies, defence organisations and information sources;
  • Freelancer web based resources. Focussing on UK based contractors.
  • Systems Engineering websites with information, tools and other resources;

Other Useful and Interesting Links

I may be biased but this blog is a great read Adam R Taylor's blog.
Gap Year Travel Log TripsOver.
Test your internet connection speed at ZDnet.
The NATO Phonetic Alphabet was introduced after World War II to replace the various systems of radio transmission spelling which existed at that time. It was designed to be intelligible and pronouncable by all NATO allies and is in current use throughout Europe & North America. It is now the standard Radio Code used by the UK Police, ICAO and

The english version of the International System of Units (SI Units) official site found in France. / .

Alternatively for a UK discussion on the benefits of metrication try the Metrication Resource Site run by Chris Keenan.
Large database of International dialing codes at

Links to your website or websites you recommend:

We will add more links as we find them but please feel free to recommend other websites by emailing them to and if we find them useful we will add them also.

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