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Numerate Consultants has significant experience with PHP and Python programming languages to deliver secure dynamic websites. Some of the features that we can provide include:

  • Tailoring page content based on what is known about the site visitor;
  • Implementing secure password protection to allow access to sensitive information to those granted access but not to others;
  • Utillisation of CSS to divorce style from content, allowing rapid graphical design and redesign of a website;
  • Unseen server executed code that builds and maintains site structure including navigation bars and sitemap without human intervention;
  • Simple interfaces to add, edit or remove pages and their content with no need for knowledge of any website programming.

Our own website was designed and developed in-house as a demonstration of our expertise in these areas.

All of our web developments are W3C Standards Compliant which helps to ensure compatibility with all major browsers. Since not all browsers interpret these standards in the same manner we also run an Apache server to allow testing on Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The Apache server is an open source project which allows us to install a full working version of a developed website onto any customer's server without dependance on expensive propriety software if required.

Website designer

This website designed and created by SVT (center in the photograph) :

Scott Taylor

Numerate Consultants Ltd


Photo taken at 75th Anniversary of the Royal Artillery, Larkhill, 1995

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