Combat Systems Engineering and Technologies

Numerate Consultants target market is the defence industry and we focus on the delivery of technical support to combat systems for maritime, land, air and littoral domains and personnel. Our combat systems engineering capability is based on knowledge of military doctrine, equipment, operating environments and the leverage available from existing and emerging technologies.

Our capabilities allow us to lead or assist across the lifecycle phases in delivery of  Concept Studies, Requirements, Analysis, Modelling, Systems Engineering, Design & Development, Software, Safety, Verification and Technical Documentation.

The combat systems expertise of our consultants and associates lies in the following areas (hyperlinks):

Combat Systems Integration

  • Integration of weapon system into fighting platform

Weapon Systems

  • Direct and indirect fire: rockets, artillery guns & ammunition, mortar tubes and ammunition
  • Guided Weapons: missiles, UAVs


  • Solid and liquid motor, turbojet, ramjet and scramjet propulsion
  • Combustion, reactive flows and jet plumes
  • Modelling propulsion system performance


  • External aerodynamics of projectiles


  • Inertial navigation algorithms using gyro, accelerometer, GPS, Terrain Reference and altimeter data
  • Techniques: state estimation and Kalman filter design

Guidance and Control

  • Autopilot design 
  • Homing Guidance including guidance laws, intercept optimisation
  • Command and Midcourse Guidance, including trajectory shaping
  • Active and passive single and multi-sensor target tracking using discrimination, association, goal-orientation techniques
  • Data fusion for multi-seekers and command and control


  • Impact
  • Proximity
  • Time
  • Altimetric


  • KE, fragmentation and blast warheads
  • Energetic materials
  • Conceptual warhead design
  • Modeling warhead performance against various target materials
  • Lethality and vulnerability estimation models
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