Systems engineering, design and development

Systems engineering is the formal discipline applied to the specification design, development and integration of a compliant solution to operational objectives or a market need for a complex system. A system is a set of parts that interact and exhibit characteristics as a set that are not attributable to any individual part.

All aspects of an engineering project will benefit from consistent application of Systems Engineering techniques to the design and development processes; flow up and flow down of requirements; efficient procedures and integrated software tools. This will minimise project timescales and costs whilst meeting the requirements.

Numerate Consultants selects teams proficient in delivering the clients solution and can offer support in the following areas of systems engineering:

  • requirements elicitation, analysis and management (using DOORS™);
  • graphical modelling of systems architecture & Use Cases (using MS Visio™);
  • mathematical modelling and simulation (using MatLab™ & MathCad™);
  • design and development;
  • systems integration;
  • test specification;
  • safety and risk assessment;
  • reliability and maintainability;
  • verification, validation and acceptance;
  • preparation of technical documentation.

Depending on the clients requirements Numerate Consultants can either provide these as an external systems team or supplement the client's systems team.

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