Scanning and Data Capture

Since 2000 Numerate Consultants have conducted our business based on a paperless office policy. Our internal documents are generated and filed electronically as PDFs. All paper documents are scanned upon receipt and input to our electronic filing system, e.g. invoices, contracts, client details, supplier details, associates details and correspondence from our clients, suppliers, tax and vat offices. Paper documents are held for 3 months then destroyed except for legal contracts and customer supplied documents. Some of the benefits we have accrued from this policy are:

  • Time saved by scanning and electronic filing compared to manual filing;
  • Save space and costs - no more paper files or filing cabinets;
  • Time saved by locating data at the click of a mouse;
  • Reduces travel costs for employees and associates by enabling remote working;
  • Documents available on-line accessible from any location;
  • Ease and speed of internal and external distribution via email attachment;
  • Reduction of postage costs;
  • Environmental footprint reduced by unnecessary printing;
  • Eliminates document deterioration;
  • Electronic backups provide security from fire, flood, malicious acts etc.

We have found that automatic conversion of handwritten documents to digital form is generally less successful than Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of machine (typewriter/computer) produced documents. Similarly automatic conversion of poor quality documents and documents containing equations are generally less successful in terms of accuracy. These can be more accurately and cost effectively done by manual entry. We have converted handwritten documents into digital text documents e.g. letters, papers, memos etc. We also have extensive experience of regenerating documents with mathematical and/or scientific equations as digital media.

Our experience enables us to offer a professional scanning service that will enable you to fulfil a paperless office policy.

Numerate Consultants capabilities include:

  • Provision of advice on implementing a paperless policy;
  • Scan all types of documents including invoices, personnel records, reports, plans and drawings, maps, photographs etc.;
  • Produce digital images of fragile documents such as old ledgers and registers of historic value;
  • Generate image files in many industry standard formats including JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), PDF (Portable Document Format) or TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files;
  • Automatic data capture from the images using OCR (optical character recognition);
  • Manual data capture of handwritten, complex and poor quality paper documents.
  • Capture data manually that can be readily associated with the image;
  • Transfer data on many different media formats: Hard Drives, CD, DVD, Micro SD Cards, USB Memory Sticks etc.;
  • Provide an Intranet hosted SQL (Structured Query Language) database (access, PHP) customised to your business requirements.

We accept scanned document images via e-mail, fax or actual documents via the post. and send it back to you via email or electronic media.

All our work is completed to a high professional standard to fit your unique business needs. We are more than happy to deal with small volume and specialised tasks.

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