Project Support Activities

Numerate Consultants has experience of the defence industry from the perspective of both client and supplier. Our consultants and associates have provided project office support to the UK MOD both directly and indirectly and many have project support experience gained with a variety of UK defence companies.

Domain knowledge:

  • Land, sea and air based combat systems
  • Warheads
  • Indirect and direct fire systems: Mortars, guns and howitzers
  • Missiles and rocket systems
  • Trackers and seekers
  • Demolition equipment


Key Benefits

  • Tasks uninterrupted by other project priorities
  • Independence and impartiality

Our capabilities and core competencies include:

Market research, technology evaluations, concept studies, performance trade offs

Our consultants have experience in conducting weapon system studies for clients including the UK MOD, DOSG, DERA and a variety of UK commercial defence companies. Successful technical studies included:

  • Market research and technology trawls for submunitions
  • Concept and assessment studies for indirect fire ammunition system
  • Market research and technology trawls for demolition equipment

Our consultants and associates possess extensive experience and formal qualifications up to Doctorate or Chartered Engineer level. Our associates are generally selected for their depth of expertise and allow us to support studies requiring specific technical knowledge.

Numerate Consultants' approach of selecting the most appropriate people from our pool of consultants and associates ensures the correct mix of specialist knowledge and experience is available to conduct studies.

The review processes within our ISO 9001 based Business Management System ensure the quality of the study content and presentation.

Applied Research

Numerate Consultants has supplied support to applied research indirect fire ammunition, demolition equipments and warhead domains both directly and indirectly to the MOD.

Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies

Before introducing new technology into new or existing systems the feasibility and impact has to be investigated. Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies at the concept stage will reduce program risks and cost whilst maximising delivered system performance. Many of the current in service weapon systems were developed over 20 years ago and will require replacement or modification to improve integration with newer systems.

Our consultants and associates possess technical knowledge coupled with specialist experience gained either in the defence industry or the Armed Forces. We feel that this expertise qualifies Numerate Consultants to investigate the potential applications for existing and future technologies in combat systems.

Requirements: elicitation, definition, analysis and capture

Efficient delivery of today's complex and integrated weapon systems is dependent on effective management of user and system requirements. Our consultants identify core system requirements through communication with our clients and associated teams

We identify user expectations in terms of operational concepts and any constraints e.g. cost, interoperability, operational environments. The Armed Services domain knowledge of our consultants ranges across the three services giving us a requirements capture capability across the full spectrum of weapon systems.

Numerate Consultants promotes requirements capture as a key means of engineering a system from concept through to acceptance. Custom requirements databases are constructed that permit management, configuration and association of requirements identification, justification, analysis, approval, verification and validation.

Our consultants have been intimately involved in the generation of documents for Staff Requirements, User Requirements and System Requirements for a range of weapon systems, software and components.

System assessments; performance, safety, risk, verification and validation

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Operational Analysis

The expertise of our associates in the weapon system development process of future concepts extends beyond purely modelling to an appreciation of operational benefits to be gained. Their operational analysis capabilities are strong in the soft techniques and methodologies such as requirements analysis and the application of logic and experience.

Support: procurement, product, project, technical and post design services

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