Software Modelling and Simulation


The software and modelling knowledge, experience and tools available from our consultants and associates are outlined under the hyperlinks below:

Analysis: mathematical modelling and simulation

Areas of experience


Software Tools

Key Benefits

  • Broad knowledge and experience in the field of weapon systems modelling and software development
  • Impartial and independent software advice
  • Responsive to client needs

Analysis: mathematical modelling and simulation

Mathematical modelling is extensively used in defence research and development work to investigate complex engineering system solutions. Modelling allows a large number of alternative to be investigated without the expense of building or testing real hardware or systems. This permits early identification of the risks and gains associated with possibilities and builds confidence in eventual procurement or development decisions.

Numerate Consultants has extensive knowledge and practical experience in the combining of mathematics, physics and engineering with software techniques to construct representative mathematical models, simulations and virtual prototypes of weapon systems.

Areas of experience include:

  • Systems modelling: Threat Evaluation and Weapon Assessment for maritime missile system
  • Weapon systems modelling: Missile, Rocket, Gun and Mortar based
  • 6 degree of freedom trajectory modelling and external ballistics
  • Fragmentation and blast modelling
  • Dynamic system modelling; actuators, inertial measurement devices
  • Lethality assessment modelling
  • Monte Carlo probabilistic techniques to quantify performance and safety

Software: algorithm design, implementation and application development

An outline of our software capabilities is shown below.

Algorithm design

Using our technical specialists we can elicit high level requirements and design algorithms presented in software requirement documents . We have consultants and associates with a variety of technical expertise who have developed or supported the development of algorithms for weapons systems. We have produced and documented algorithms for the following software:

  • Missile launch and flight kinematics
  • Missile autopilot
  • Electrical actuator
  • Inertial Measurement Unit
  • Spin stabilised shell trajectory simulation
  • Warhead fragmentation
  • Lethality estimation

Software implementation

Our consultants and associates are capable of implementing a clients software requirements for specialised applications to agreed deadlines and within our stringent Quality Assurance development constraints. We can also elicit the clients high level requirements and prepare software requirements using our technical specialists that our software specialists can subsequently implement.
We can develop for a wide range of software applications from hardware embedded to information processing databases. Our consultants and associates possess experience in development methodologies including Yourdon, UML and implementation languages Ada C, C++ and Fortran. Our software capabilities cover the whole lifecycle; requirements capture, design, implementation, test, verification and modification.
We have implemented engineering applications that are dependent on in-house specialist knowledge including:

  • Warhead fragment trajectory application
  • 6DoF missile trajectory application,
  • 6DoF spin stabilised shell trajectory application
  • Lethality assessment application
  • Risk database application using Microsoft Access
  • Probability contour generator for GW safety assessment

Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

Where clients already have software code that is adequate in terms providing the solution but not in terms of its intuitive use we can produce intuitive GUI based pre and post processors and graphical output.  For instance converting existing complex applications requiring alphanumeric input files and generating cryptic alphanumeric output can be converted to be more user friendly, rapid and produce clearer graphical output.

This type of interface not only reduces the amount of time spent in scenario set up and results analysis but reduces errors by providing context sensitive help and checking or limiting inputs.

Legacy code

We can also produce requirements and/or definition documents for legacy code that may have been developed over a number of years possibly by different personnel and in various software languages. These can then be re-written by the clients or our programmers using modern languages and techniques in a quality assured environment.

Peer reviews

Software based tools are increasingly being relied upon to assess safety and integrity of systems. It is therefore essential that independent reviews of the software, including verifying the code against requirements and where possible validating the outputs against measurements, is undertaken in order to quantify the level of reliance that may be placed on its predictions. As an independent consultancy with software implementation expertise Numerate Consultants capable of providing independent software reviews.

Software Tools: platforms, environments, languages, applications

We have consultants and associates with high levels of expertise in the following hardware and software areas:


  • Desktop and Laptop PCs
  • Workstations
  • Mainframes

Operating systems:

  • MS Windows 98, NT and XP
  • Unix
  • VMS

Programming languages:

  • C, C++
  • Ada
  • Fortran
  • Pascal
  • Visual Basic
  • JAVA
  • HTML

System development and modelling tools:

  • MatLab and Simulink
  • MathCAD and Vissim
  • UML
  • Yourdon

General software applications:

  • MS Office: Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Word
  • MS Frontpage, Internet Explorer,
  • Visio
  • Computervision CADDS 5X, Pro Engineer
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Winzip
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Jasc Media Center
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