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    Numerate Consultants Ltd is an innovative independent technical consultancy committed to providing high quality impartial systems engineering and technical support to UK Industry and Public bodies. Our focus is on applying systems engineering to optimise the delivery of programmes for our Clients. We achieve this by using the client's requirements to drive selection of the consultancy team, organising and managing the task and always striving to exceed the client's expectations.

    It is our policy to extend our in house technical capabilities into specialist technical areas by using freelance associates with domain knowledge and expertise. It is this extended pool of technical expertise that permits us greater flexibility when selecting the technical talent for a task. Our capability continually expands as the number and diversity of our Associates increases allowing us to support a broader spectrum of technology areas. The directors recognise the technical knowledge and experience of our consultants and associates as the company's major business asset and also encourage flexible and responsive relationships with clients and suppliers that focus on quality and delivery.

    Numerate Consultants core skills are in Systems Engineering: requirements elicitation, capture and definition; requirements verification and validation; system design and integration; systems architecture development. Our domain knowledge encompasses: weapon systems: aerodynamics, algorithm development, ballistics, energetic materials, guidance and control, performance prediction, propulsion, navigation, sensors, modelling, simulation, synthetic environments, software, warheads and transportation systems: rail and underground. Our SE experience has been gained across the lifecyle spectrum i.e. "cradle to grave".

    Since the company was formed over a decade ago by Russ Taylor it has contributed to research and project support tasks for the UK MoD with DERA (now Dstl and QinetQ) and provided support to major MoD programmes for commercial defence companies and the transportation industry. These tasks have generally concentrated on projectile based weapon systems for land, sea and airborne applications.

    Our consultancy teams are accustomed to applying mathematics, physical laws and modern computing tools to provide engineering solutions and assessments. Not only do they possess the academic backgrounds necessary to understand engineering from first principles but also practical experience from a variety of projects and life cycle phases. We advocate the use of systems engineering at both individual component and overall system level.

    We possess analysis, modelling and simulation capabilities for a range of system applications including external ballistics, 6 degree of freedom (6DoF) modelling, warhead modelling, lethality assessment and railway networks.
    Although initially specialising in weapon system technologies for Land, Sea, and Air platforms we have expanded our business into other areas:

    • Modelling and Simulation;
    • Systems Engineering;
    • Requirements Engineering;
    • Systems Design and Architecture.

    As an independent consultancy we provide impartial advice to our clients and are accustomed to handling confidential and commercially sensitive information. When of mutual benefit Numerate Consultants team with other academic organisations, technical consultancies and manufacturing companies.

    We work from our office just north of London, our associates offices or on client premises. Our consultancy man-day rates include responsive support from our administrative staff. Numerate Consultants currently holds a UK MoD Contractor Number.

    Our consultants have provided:

    • Systems Integration Assessments for London Underground's Sub Surface Railway Upgrade Programme
    • Feasibility studies and concept definition for London Underground's Sub Surface Railway Upgrade Programme
    • Requirements definition, verification and validation for MBDA Missile Systems UK
    • Requirements definition for a Missile performance model MBDA Missile Systems UK
    • Development of Reliability and Maintainability processes for MOD, DE&S
    • Development of architecture definition for London Underground's Sub Surface Railway Upgrade Programme
    • Support on the Sub Surface Railway Journey Time Capability Model (JTCM) to London Underground
    • Safety modelling assessments for the Block 2 Seawolf Missiles for MBDA
    • Design of the Power Supply Unit for Reacher project for Lockheed Martin INSYS
    • Performance assessments for the Block 2 Seawolf Missiles for MBDA
    • Requirements definition for the Block 2 Seawolf Missiles for MBDA
    • Estimation of collateral damage from dumb guided bombs for DERA
    • Safety assessment of demolition equipment for MoD DOSG
    • Research and project support to Indirect Fire Ammunition and Fuzing with DERA
    • Flash-bang gun and missile launch simulator for Loral Solatron
    • Laser Warning Receiver Systems for Marconi Defence Systems
    • BAe 146 Cat III Autopilot for BAe Commercial Aircraft
    • Optical Gun and Missile Training Simulators for Kurt Eichweber Praezisionsgeratewerk

    Client Charter

    • Strive to exceed client expectations with cost effective, innovative and prompt solutions;
    • Only commit to tasks and timescales we understand and believe we can deliver;
    • Always address any perceived shortcomings with our clients and suppliers;
    • Aim to develop long term relationships with clients and suppliers;
    • Always conduct our business in a courteous and professional manner;
    • Provide impartial advice and confidentiality through our independence.

    Company details


    Numerate Consultants Ltd is a UK based, privately owned limited company (Registered in England No. 3130377) with a demonstrated track record in providing analysis, design, development and support services to both the defence and transport industries.


    Numerate Consultants has demonstrated stable performance in supplying technical support services since its incorporation in 1995.


    Through our technical consultants and associates we offer broad technical capability in Systems Engineering. We have operated for nearly two decades and achieved significant goals in research, design, development and assessment of transportation and weapons systems. The company employs a permanent staff of 3 (2 engineers and 1 part time support staff) and also has over 40 technically qualified Associates available.


    Numerate Consultants Ltd continues to demonstrate a consistent financial performance.

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